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Help Save the Amazon with Us

We strive for a world of more forest as critical to the health of the Earth and its inhabitants.


We reforest degraded land and conserve the Amazon by building capacity in forest friendly activities.


Bosqueros is a non-profit association based in the Amazon Rainforest region of Peru. We are a team made up of forest, agronomy and international development specialists. Bosqueros is a word we created that follows Spanish convention to refer to people who work in the forest el Bosque. A secondary literal meaning is "forest-lovers" as eros means both love and life energy which represents our reverence for the forest.


Our goals are to help preserve the Amazon and help bring the forest back where it has been cleared. Our work is to demonstrate that the Amazon is not only critical for biodiversity and the health of the Earth at large, but around its edges, where deforestation occurs, can be a greater source of contemporary value than the low-yield / vast-scale agriculture for which the forest is rapidly being destroyed. Through the mechanisms of carefully managed non timber forest products, eco tourism and carbon sequestration, in concert with protecting the interests of the indigenous guardians of the forest and expanding natural preserves, biodiversity can be protected and deforestation can be reversed.


We are helping to protect the Amazon through three integrated mechanisms:
1. Regenerating forest on degraded land with our innovative TRUE Forest model.
2. Building capacity and value chains in high-value, non-timber forest products.
3. Collaborating on sustainable development projects in eco-tourism and carbon-sequestration.

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