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Help Us Help the Amazon



The Amazon is vibrant, dynamic and intrinsically critical to the health of the Earth and all its inhabitants. The Amazon is the Earth's greatest source of oxygen production, carbon sequestration, biodiversity and medicinal potential. We recognize the importance of ensuring that we retain the Earth's greatest forest and we are not helpless in doing so. Indeed, with care, thought, and working together we can ensure the Amazon remains eternal.


We are a small, dynamic team and take pride in resourcefulness, zero waste and ensuring our valued supporters receive the most bang for their bucks. We strive to deliver high-quality, long-lasting results. We also strive for tangibility and easy access to our progress so donors can see where their money is going.  As such we are developing google map overlay tools and carbon sequestration analysis tools to depict our projects. 


This section is currently under construction in concert with our crowd-funding plan - please contact us by email if you would like to arrange donation in the meantime : )

We are a non-profit association based in the Peruvian Amazon.  We can do our work thanks to the people who support us. There are many ways to support us including: 

1. Three Buck Trees

We offer an easy 3 bucks a tree, meaning that every $3 we receive under this method we will plant 1 tree in the Amazon. Imagine buying a coffee that will last a hundred years and spawn generations of new coffees until the end of time. We'll even add your trees to our Tree Map so you can find them and send your kids to climb them one day. 

2. Amazon Primal

How about a subscription model to automatically deduct from your account each month? Cheaper than Netflix and you can come down and binge watch the forest any time. There are a lot of Strange Things in the Amazon!

3. Gear Registry

We are married to the idea of saving the Amazon so why not buy us some gear to help us ensure we can operate effectively. We can even Sharpie your name on it and that tree planting bag will now and forever be referred to as Hank. 

4. Branch-Out

If you value your connections or have philanthropic pals, it might be a good idea to sign-up on our Branch-Out network. You can use our digital materials and we give out sweet prizes to the promoters who bring in the biggest monthly hauls, sign up the most donors or send us the most new followers on our social media. 

5. Corporate Sponsorship

Contact us if your company would like to help us. You can donate gifts for our best fundraisers, name a new grove of trees on our Tree Map, buy us credit for the postal service or send us your extra airline points to be able to undertake our work. The sky is the limit. 

6. Buy Non-Timber Forest Products

Our partner, Arbor Mundi Natural Products is a social enterprise that sells sustainably sourced, fair-trade non-timber forest products, which motivates Amazonian communities to retain their forests. They also donate 25% of profits to Bosqueros to support our activities. Please visit them at:

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