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Good people

doing good work.


Mark Spencer



Mark is a Specialist in International Development, Project Management and Strategic Planning. 


Marco Bustamante

Reforestation Manager

Marco is a Forest Engineer and specialist in carbon sequest-ration, eco-tourism and Peruvian forest management. 

Benedicto Cabrera Vasquez

Network Manager

Benedicto is a coffee and cacao farmer, beekeeper and community leader in our home region.

Juan de la Serna

Agronomy Advisor

Juan is an Agronomist who specializies in soil regeneration and tropical horticulture.


Our program and methodology relies upon a robust foundation of relationships with a growing network of amazing smallholder farmers and indigenous families. These men and women work hard to provide for their families, communities and indeed the world at large from the soil and forests at the edges of the Amazon. It is for this network of friends and neighbours that we strive to build bridges of investment and market access, training and collaboration while implementing a new model of increasing forest cover, fair trade, abundance and sustainability.  Healthy forest = healthy people. 

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