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Our projects are practical, innovative and designed to create positive social change and increased motivation and ability to conserve forest in the communities we work with.

We are developing new capabilities and opportunities in non-timber forest products and demonstrating forests are viable environments in which to make a living, rather than an obstacle to agriculture to be cleared. That's why we integrate endemic high-value forest products like Vanilla, Nut and fruit trees, Honey and Mushrooms in to our reforestation projects and provide training and create links with ethical buyers. By demonstrating that conserving the forest is not only an obvious environmental choice, but also a superior economic choice, that is a very powerful model for conservation and a winning scenario for all parties.  Please contact us for information to support these environmentally and economically sustainable projects.


San Martin is regarded for high quality Cacao but is suffering under low global prices, which induces farmers to clear more land to grow more cacao in order to earn the same income. Our vanilla project helps farmers diversify, develop a shade crop, while reducing the risk to farmers through provision of vanilla cuttings, growing and harvest training and connecting farmers with fair-trade buyers.


We are developing a soil improvement, reforestation and non timber forest products demonstration and training centre on a 5 hectare plot of degraded land in our home community of San Roque. This project will be used to test growing environments and train farmers, agronomists and tree planters throughout the region while demonstrating the benefits of forest for erosion control and sustainable product development.


The Cacay Value Chain project is designed to develop a new sustainable industry in Peru. Cacay is a high quality skin care oil derived from nuts, which is prized internationally for its vitamin density and replenishing qualities. We are developing market access and partnerships for this high value endemic export product whilst highlighting the natural alliance between women and non-timber forest products and their leadership in this field. 

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