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Forest = Carbon + Oxygen


The Amazon is the Earth's greatest asset in transforming carbon dioxide into oxygen and storing carbon. Increasing forest cover is recognized as critical to absorb excess greenhouse gas emissions produced by modern civilization. 


Our team and network are made up by South American, North American and European specialists committed to reforestation and are able to develop forest management plans and practical, long-term conservation strategies for tropical and temperate forest retention and reforestation around the world. 


Our forest engineering and agronomy team members as well as our network of independent consultants have a wealth of experience working on REDD+ (Reducing Emissions from Deforestation and forest Degradation) projects throughout Latin America. We are ready to apply that experience on projects throughout the region. 


As pictured above, adjacent to our headquarters is the incredible Cordillera Escalera Regional Conservation Area in San Martin, Peru. While some of this corridor is within conservation zones, the majority of this dynamic biome is unprotected. Indeed, the Amazonian / Andean convergence zone contains the highest biodiversity on the planet, vibrant human culture and rich traditional knowledge as well as the great tributaries feeding the Amazon basin. We seek partners to help us protect the forest and empower the forest-based communities here as well as those of our neighbours in Loreto, Ucuyali, Amazonas and Madre de Dios through the REDD+ framework, CDM (Clean Development Mechanism), GCF (Green Climate Fund) and other structures. 


We offer professional consulting services to local and regional governments, foundations and other authorities to help develop solutions to preserve biodiversity and forest cover in collaboration with forest-based communities. We specialize in the development of forest management plans and carbon sequestration programs to create sustainable employment and income for Amazonian communities.

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